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[FS] [US] Aeon Flow Closed, Gilmore Lite MkII, Aune X1S and more Spring Cleaning items

May 15, 2019
Washington DC
MrSpeakers Aeon Flow Closed - $449
Gilmore Lite MkII - $399
Aune X1S 10th Anniversary Edition - $199

LittleDot MkIII w/ Telefunken 5654 Drivers & OTK 6N6Pi Powers - $179
LittleDot DAC_II - $149

The LittleDot items have been through a few moves so there are some minor scratches on the aluminum faceplate. The rest of the items are in pristine condition with less than 300 hours of active listening. I've bought/sold on Head-Fi, Audiogon and my eBay account is 'three2315'. We can work out shipping outside of CONUS, otherwise no big deal. I have some Mullard M8100's that I can throw in with the MkIII if I can find them ;)



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