aune x1s

  1. picardsflute

    [FS] [US] Aeon Flow Closed, Gilmore Lite MkII, Aune X1S and more Spring Cleaning items

    MrSpeakers Aeon Flow Closed - $449 Gilmore Lite MkII - $399 Aune X1S 10th Anniversary Edition - $199 LittleDot MkIII w/ Telefunken 5654 Drivers & OTK 6N6Pi Powers - $179 LittleDot DAC_II - $149 The LittleDot items have been through a few moves so there are some minor scratches on the aluminum...
  2. Halikular

    Headphone DAC/amp recommendation for HE400i | Desktop unit

    I bought the HE400i on sale roughly a year ago, but I couldn't decide on what audio equipment would be any good because of the lack of knowledge and how much pseudo science and misinformation plaguing this industry -- so it so I ended up not making a purchase after all. Now I'm back again having...
  3. C

    JDS atom

    Having an aune x1s is it worth upgrading the amp part with a JDS labs atom?
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