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FS: Raspberry Pi, HiFi Berry, External Hard Drives


Apr 12, 2020
I'm looking to dispose of various items. Rather than doing a separate topic for each one I thought I'd list them all here - so please PM if any or all are of interest. I am based in UK (Somerset).

1. Raspberry Pi 2, Model B, 1Gb - I have 2 of these for sale - £15 each.

2. Raspberry Pi 3, Model B, 2 Gb - I have one of these - £20.00

3. Raspberry Pi TVDB HAT (allows you to receive and record TV (DVB T/T2) broadcasts - works with software like Kodi and XBMC - connects to normal TV aerial socket. £10.00

4.iFi IPower 5V/2A - high quality power supply for Raspberry Pi - micro USB connector to works with Raspberry Pi 2 and 3. To connect to Raspberry Pi 4 an adapter is needed. I have 2 available - £25 each. I have tested with RPi 4 - works fine - will include adapter if anyone buys both iFi supplies.

5. HiFi Berry DigiOne. Raspberry Pi HAT. Provides SPDIF output (RCA or Optical connectors). Works well as Roon endpoint (I used them with Ropieee). 2 available, £10 each.

6. Inatek USB3 External Hard Drive Enclosure (5.25" HDD). Includes mains power supply and USB cable to connect to computer. I have 2 of these, each has a 2Tb Western Digital Red Drive fitted. Cost £50 each.

Postage costs should be small apart from item 5 which are heavier and would cost about £7 to post in UK.

Please PM if you are interested.
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