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FS: miniDSP OpenDRC-DI - $180 Shipped - SOLD


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Oct 20, 2020
Detroit, MI
For sale, one miniDSP OpenDRC-DI, $180 shipped to anywhere in US.

This device consists of a miniSHARC + DIGI-FP + VOL-FP in a 1/2 RU enclosure. I had been using this as a front end / source switcher / ASRC to my Okto / CamillaDSP system but have simplified my system so I have less inputs and this is no longer needed.

From a hardware standpoint the DIGI-FP provides AES, coaxial and TOSLINK stereo inputs / outputs, however if you are interested in DIY the miniSHARC can provide up to 8 outputs via I2S. VOL-FP provides IR control as well as physical knob to change volume, configuration and source.

This device can run the following plugins:

1) miniSHARC: 48 kHz sample rate, 9600 FIR taps total, max 2048 taps/ch, 8 ch output
2) miniSHARC-96: 96 kHz sample rate, 3400 FIR taps total, max 2048 taps/ch, 8 ch output
3) OpenDRC 2x2: 48 kHz sample rate, 12296 taps total, 2 ch output

Compared to other miniDSP platforms this device is the most flexible in terms of user defined FIR processing as it allows you to run at 48 kHz which greatly maximizes what you can do with FIR. All plugins also have extensive IIR capabilities to implement PEQ / x-overs and delay.

It will come with 5 V SMPS and USB cable. A remote is not provided but it has IR learning capability.



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