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FS: MiniDSP DDRC-22A Balanced XLR with Dirac


Senior Member
Nov 1, 2019
Tidewater Virginia
Selling MiniDSP DDRC-22A. I replaced it with a DDRC-24, in order to use the Device Console software. Like the DDRC-24, it utilizes the excellent 2-channel Dirac Live 3.x room correction as the current MiniDSP products. I’m going to feel like a fool if these get access to Device Console after I’ve replaced them. :p

DDRC-22A is balanced analog in/out, so it goes between a preamp and amplifier. If you’re using an unbalanced system, I recommend getting a DDRC-24 instead, otherwise you will lose 10dB of signal with XLR to RCA conversion cables.

I'd grade it 7/10 physical condition with a little scuffing on the top chassis. You'd have to look for it.

Remote, USB cable, and power supply included. I don't have factory box but it will be securely packed and insured.

Sale prices, including shipping to Continental 48 states:

DDRC-22A: $450

I also have one UMIK-1 calibrated microphone (not pictured). $75 shipped, OR $50 if purchased with this unit.


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