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Does ASIO4ALL Not Work With 24bit Audio?


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Mar 17, 2024
So, I've been using the EF500 DAC/amp for a while and I love it. I use WASAPI Exclusive mode in Qobuz, but I just prefer to use the fake ASIO drivers so I can see exactly the sampling rate and bit rate going into my DAC/amp since it has no display or indicator. It supports up to 32bit/192khz, although probably only 24-bit natively. Anyway, using ASIO4ALL, it only shows a 48khz/24bit song playing at 48khz/16bit. But when my music is paused, it displays 192khz/32bit as the max on the ASIO4ALL interface. I've tried FlexASIO, but it causes my Windows 11 PC to crash due to some weird kernel mode error. WASAPI mode on FlexASIO sounds stuttery and the dev has confirmed it's a known issue. So how do I get ASIO4ALL to work even though I know my DAC supports 24-bit natively?


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