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Crown Xls1002 vs Behringer A800 vs others / Amplifier advice for Dynaudio Emit M20 <=500€


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Jul 20, 2022

I an looking for a amplifier advice for Dynaudio Emit M20. As a streamer I use a Raspi with Hifiberry Dac with Moode and as Sub I have a SVS1000.

My Idea was:

a) Crown Xls 1002 (375€, out of stock according to website available in 2 weeks) use HP Filter for the speakers + LP int Sub and room correction with Camilla DSP in the Pi

b) Behringer A800 (260€, available) + t.tracks dsp 4x4 Mini as Crossover and room correction with Camilla DSP in the Pi, maybe replace the Hifiberry DAC with an Audiointerface to get a sym. signal Chain.

c) Something completly different?

What would you advice any Input is welcome as a price limit I have roughly 500€ and it should be easely available in Germany?

Best Regards

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