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Cheerful News, for once!

Dave Zan

Active Member
Nov 19, 2019
Canberra, Australia
Australia has finally reached zero locally acquired cases of Covid.
So the situation is pretty upbeat here, especially because it's not just a one-off.
We already had a zero day, then a few days with just a handful of local cases confirmed, all contacts of known outbreaks and therefore already in isolation.
Only one person in ICU in the whole country.
No deaths at all for over a week.

Still a reasonable level of caution, of course people may still test positive, hopefully they too will have been in isolation.
And expatriates continue to return to Australia for safety and so quarantine cases still occur.
Indeed this will probably even increase as the infection worsens overseas and more returnees are likely to be infected.
So no time for complacency.
But overall it's really wonderful news in a fairly bad year.
I hope it can cheer some people up to know that Covid is beatable.
And, TBH, I just had to share the emotion before it broke out in chants of "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie" like some low-class chauvinist!

Best wishes

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