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Bought a new Benchmark 3B DAC


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Dec 17, 2023
Syracuse, NY
On 2/8/24 I received a SMSL SU1 DAC, dropped shipped from China, for my daughter’s stereo, it failed on 2/16/24. It started to make a very high pitched squeal, through the speakers. So I took my Benchmark DAC1 out of the dining room stereo and got her up and running. They tell me the SMSL has to be sent back to China, for inspection for repairs or replacement.

In my haste, without careful reading, I bought from a Chinese company, in China, the terms were on the site, my error. The CC company said, they opened a case, but have to follow their return policy, if i don’t get satisfaction in 60 days, they will refund the money. Probably going to eat the cost, as the shipping cost is high enough to make it not really worth it.

After stewing over the weekend, this morning I called Benchmark, bought a new DAC 3B, for me and will leave her the DAC1.
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Genuine question: how much would it cost to send the DAC back to China?

I hear about exorbitant shipping costs all the time.
When I checked out of curiosity, a package Germany->China was like 12€.

Just wondering how it is in other countries.
It was $25 and 3-5 weeks or $39 and 5 days

It was $79 including shipping to buy it, I will probably not be putting more money into it.

I bought another one from a member here, from Australia, its not here yet, may try that one, may not, don’t seem to have a lot faith in SMSL

My mistake, better care on the sellers location was needed, I failed on that point
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