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Best way to bi-amp two way speakers?


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Dec 9, 2019
LA90 Discrete puts out 106V peak to peak into 8 ohms, which works out to 175W - not overly loud, but pretty good. 85dB/W means 100W makes 105dB. 200W is 108, and 108dB is actually each speaker's rating (total, so probably pink noise split at 2.1kHz). I think 175 below 2.1kHz and 52 above (LA90 Discretes configured as described) is probably right on to match the speaker... 227W total, 85dB/W, 108dB max continuous rating.

I don't plan to eq in the bigger room at highish levels if you're thinking that - I have two subs I'll be using in there - a couple KEF Kube 10s. They're also sealed design and DSP'd for the -3dB point to be at 21 or 24Hz (can't remember 100%). The only problem is their crossover is 24dB/oct which doesn't match the speakers' 12... I could add another 12 using the EQ which matches the natural rolloff of the mains, then set the sub crossover to meet...

Each Kube has a 300W RMS amp and effortlessly bottoms the woofers (likely not a small feat because they seem to be able to move close to 4cm peak to peak)

Ah, yes, I could use an eq shelf at the crossover point... it's not ideal, but I could try it
I thought you are running one LA90 Discreet<?>
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