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Balanced DACs with Isolated input.


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Mar 22, 2020
This shuld be a collection of DACs with Fully balanced (and symmetrical) outputs and some sort of isolated input.
What are the cheap options?
Is there a balanced Donge DAC that works with an cheap 12Mbit USB isolator?
What Balanced DACs are known to work reliably (in 96k/24bit mode) with 12Mbit USB isolators?

What "proper" DACs come with Isolated SPDIF or Toslink inputs?

Any DACs with isolated USB build in?
I think "Audio-GD" DACs are isolated but they are expensive and esoteric.

Topping d10 balanced but with Toslink in would be ideal for many users with Noisy PCs.

The smsl-do100 is the next best thing. ?
I don't like that it needs AC power and is Class 1.
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