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Jim Shaw

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Mar 16, 2021
Northeastern Ohio, USA, in the woods
If you regularly or just occasionally get lost in the tech talk around here, you might find this YT channel really helpful:

This fellow has a way of explaining various aspects of sound and audio in both simple and technically correct ways. Better, the topics are sliced and diced so that you can pick topics that you might not be clear about.

To be sure, AU approaches audio primarily from the standpoint of recordists and sound reinforcement techs. But the principles are the same, as are the terms, as is much of the science.

I have been through many of Kyle's videos, and I am yet to find any errors in what he presents. Better, his stuff is organized in what can be building blocks. You can start with just one block, and end up building a long and tall audio knowledge here. And there's no downside to knowing and understanding audio terms and methods.

The more you know, the more you can wrap your head around ASR.
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