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ASIO drivers for Topping D10s or alternative to it?


Senior Member
May 31, 2020
ACT, Australia
I've recently repurposed some stuff I had lying around and not used for audio streaming. A Minix Z83is micro PC feeding a iFI nanoiDSD purely used as a USB to SPDIF converter. (the effort involved in updating Windows on a micro PC not used for two years with little storage is another matter, but I managed it in the end)

I only want to use the PC as endpoints for DLNA/UPNP and Spotify Connect.

I'm using the Windows Spotify app and Foobar2000 with the ASIO Component. I tried the WASAPI component but it wouldn't let me have both apps running in the background and still get them working and with native file sample rate for Foobar. With the iFi ASIO driver it seems to all work.

The problem is, the iFi has a battery so I need to physically turn it off if I shut down the PC. I don't want to do that.

Hence I am considering another USB->SPDIF bridge. The Topping D10 seems cheap. Does the 3rd party ASIO driver they talk about work well? I would prefer to use it so I can retain running both apps at the same time and getting bit perfect with Foobar. I don't want Windows to resample if I don't have to. My preamp immediately resamples to 96kHz in order to do room correction.
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