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Amplifier for KEF LS50 (PC + small room setup)


New Member
Nov 20, 2022
Hi all,
just enjoying KEF LS50 driven temporarily by NAD C320BEE, but wat to move them to my work room. For this I need amplifier and there are some general requirements/headaches:

-room 5*5m
-30/70 listening ratio at PC/at the chair
-normal listening volumes (typically more on the low level). Measured by clumsy phone looks like 85dB.
-source is PC (toslink, USB) and ideally also chromecast (Tidal)
-budget 1k EUR but really welcome, if I can dip lower

-amp power. Some say the KEFs needs 200W as they are of low sensitivity. Current NAD c320BEE drives them OKish even at 50W specs, but there could be improvement and NAD is aslo quite conservative regarding official specs.
-price/value ratio - I am not deaf, but also not and audiophile spending hours comparing side by side different systems and thinking about signal cabel burn-in... Therefore the big spread in candidates
-I could maybe think about using separate power amp, adding DAC and chromecast audio. But I still think I could get a decent integrated system for reasonable costs covering (at least nearly) everything.

-NAD D 3045 - like the design, like the D class effectivness, like the USB connection. What about the power? No chromecast.
-NAD C 338 - What about the power?!! Otherwise perfect match
-NAD AMP1/ARGON SA-1 - tempting especially considering the price! In fact I could try it even with high risk of underpowering the KEFs. If it does not work with them, I could move it to garage with some budget speakers
-Cambridge Audio CXA61 or CXA81
-Audiophonics DA-S250NC - just ran into it by curiosity and exceptional performace of other Audiophonics HW tested here. Lot of power, acceptable price, missing chromecast...
- Used A/B amplifier like NAD c 356 with the need of additional DAC

Any experience recommendation is welcome! :)
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