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AMP, DAC, Streamer?


Jan 25, 2024
Hello all,

i will start working on building a new speaker pair based on Mark audio Moap 10.2, i want to improve my chain actually i use a nad 356BEE a sound card 404Hd as dac and a computer i'm looking for a solution more user friendly and and a better performance (better amp clarity, details, 3D and a better dac) , but i still want be abble to make sound correction (small dsp eq), and to be abble to have a remote control or a tablet for controling playlist.
i have there is many test here for amps, dac, but it don't tell about fiability
i have seen topping PA5 ii wich in the budget what about his fiability durability and it be really better than my nad
or i hav see a solution all in one the wimp amp...
or i have listen some are using a lamp preamp to improve sound od class d amp

it will be my main system
i listen if you have suggestions
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