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Acoustic Research AR-12 - digital integrated amplifier


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Nov 4, 2022
Hi all, first time newbie posting.

Recently I inherited a set of AR12 and refoamed the woofers and midranges.

Specifications (thanks to) AR Speaker Specifications (http://www.aphenos.net/), see AR-12:


Specifications (thanks to) Audio Database
Specifications (thanks to) hifiengine
Specifications (thanks to) radiomuseum

Did some research, I want to combine this speakers with a 'small and integrated' digital amp like:
- Loxjie A30 (Loxjie A30 Amplifier Review)
- Sabaj A30a (Sabaj A30a announced)

Sources are mainly digital inputs like BT (phone: spotify, mediamonkey for android), pc and occasionally a vintage Dual 1218 turntable (f.e. with phono preamp PDX010).

Possible listening rooms are quite small:
min. 10 × 13 feet (3 x 4 m).
max. 16,5 x 24,5 feet (5 x 7 m).

The intention is not to make the speakers play extremely loud.

Combine both amplifiers well with these speakers or just the A30a? Or none?

Thanks for your time and advice!
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Capitol C

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May 21, 2021
Washington, DC
I am fond of AR , and own a pair of AR 3a speakers from an earlier generation. I looked at the spec sheet that you posted and also looked some on line, and the good news is that they are 8 ohm speakers, which can be driven by any reasonable amp. (Many AR speakers are 4 ohms which can strain some amps). There is a down side to any acoustic suspension speaker, like the AR, which is low efficiency. The power specs on the Loxjie indicate 40 watts as max power, which might do the trick unless you are listening at very high levels. Unfortunately there are only manufacturers specs on the Sabaj. At first sight, it is more powerful, but in the discussion some people say that there is 10% THD at 100 watts. If this number is correct, I'd recommend against paying $500 for the amp. It isn't clear to me where the 10% number comes from. Perhaps you should repost your question in the Sabaj string? I'd also point your towards https://www.classicspeakerpages.net/, the home of everything AR and much more. If you search for your speaker, type it as AR12, otherwise you get a null result! There are very good people on that web site.
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