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A dangerous situation need your help


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May 30, 2018
I feel your pain. I live in pristine wilderness and until 15 years ago had no year round neighbors. The absolute dumbest rock in a box of rocks redneck (maybe my guy and yours related) somehow managed to get into the crappiest little upstream fish shack and shortly after moved a 80's vintage Peavey bar system into his garage with a sub that is just a one note flaaaaab. Now I despise this guy more than most humans because of all the loud toys - ATV, side-by-side, snowmobile, monster truck - year round annoyance. And he knows I despise him.

One day I showed up with my measurement gear and offered to tune his system. He was suspicious but the sight of the gear intrigued him and after I went through some sweeps and white noise was able to tame the worst of his one note sub to at least make it musical with his 32 band EQ.

I still absolutely despise the guy but at least now when he turns it up to "11" I get music instead of blub, blub, blub....


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Oct 8, 2018
Find an audio track with lots of bass, buy a bass shaker and bolt it to your floor. Make sure the audio track makes ideal use of your bass shaker, if not, find a better suited track. Whenever he stops playing music at night, run your bass shakers at max volume.

The internet has instructions for everything :) https://bbs.boingboing.net/t/the-bu...adget-for-annoying-your-noisy-neighbors/99191 (click "Show Full Post..." near the top)

A more serious reply: don't do what I posted above. Instead you should get a lawyer involved if you cannot talk to your landlord, your neighbor's landlord or your home owners association


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Dec 24, 2021
Updated situation:

Since my last post, hyperacusis and, worst, extremely reactive tinnitus. Banshees. Screaming.

Nothing changed, he's not sane, he's someone who speaks ( mostly whoo! whaaa? yoooo.......naaah) at the phone from 10 pm to 2:40 every night and every morning 11 am to 3 pm, with the interesting fact to mention: i don't think the person who talks with has the time to say more than uhm, yea...ahem

I've tried soundcore q45 over ear: no seal without pushing with fingers. Same with qcy H4. Over ear: no go.

Then Liberty 4 NC, extremely comfy earbuds ( mid sized ones, pls if you know similar ones DO LET me know !) : they've switched to "normal" mode from anc every 2-5 seconds. Warranty, then refund.
Now i have a qcy ht05 and a baseus m2s, L white/yellow stem kbear/spinfit M/L/XL tips both as earplugs, no music, just to stop the "808". They do block them 100% with the tips i 've mentioned. They stay connected within 10 m. all good.

Except the tinnitus has gotten to the point where popping a pill from the blister causes a HUGE whip like 12-13k firework, flushing the toilet: earmuffs or else, i eat 2 fried eggs and 3 spoons of mashed potatoes/day, there are zero properties on market which looks like " quiet" and i am mentally blocked and i see no way out

He can easily drop floor /armrest /bed shaking "trap" at random moments, like, when i am exhausted and lie in bed, and i only have a measly ios app that measures the 83hz spike ( one note, flabby. everything is that one note 83 hz).

My interface is antique, a 2i2 1-st gen, I was thinking of buying a microphone and perhaps ask someone to patch a puredata bandpass-detect 83 hz spike- gate to midi cc- bome miditranslator- fire a .wav alert via cc-to-keypress. But i have zero microphone experience.

Also, if someone who has reactive tinnitus/hyperacusis can give me the tiniest ray of hope..... they know all i want is to die. It is how it is. Brush the teeth, spike. All in 1 1/2 months. I thought the ANC will buy me time and they do indeed work flawlessly for the situation, but somehow i still get blasted 10-15 seconds seconds till i reach for them and fit them, so here i am now. Also, liberty4 nc switching to normal mode : the 83 gets amplified 3-4 db, like any over ear non ANC.

When i first posted, i still could listen to my reaper songs, now , at whisper level, huge spike in tinnitus. It's not reacting to anxiety, it reacts to sound only, and it increases 5x fold, and every time reverses to a higher level than before. I always wander if it will reverse at all.

For everyone going through my situation: forget about earmuffs. Cheapest, most stable, biggest battery anc, for cheap( 25$), will save you .
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