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    Topping DX3 pro plus: noise in stand-by, possible grounding issue?

    I have bought DX3 PRO+ recently. Came home and connected the DAC to the power supply, inserted 35 Ohm IEMs and immediately noticed very audible noise even before I turned the device on, i.e. when it was in stand-by mode. The noise doesn't depend on volume level and is almost or completely gone...
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    Interface to DX3 Pro+?

    I have a Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 4th gen. It's clean and has a fair amount of power but I want smoother mids to highs, wider soundstage and more full bass. I was thinking of connecting an amp to output 3-4 on my Scarlett. Any DX3 Pro+ users with a similar setup? Do I simply get 1/4 to coax...
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    Sound Blaster X1, Topping DX3 pro+ and SMSL C200 review based upon Arya Stealth and HE1000 Stealth

    Here are my two cents. Once upon a time I was using DT880 600ohm headphones with Sound Blaster X1 dongle. One day I watched a very positive review about Topping DX3 pro+, so I decided to try it thinking maybe I'm missing something with my Sound Blaster X1. After extensive testing for a few...
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    Topping dx3 pro+ vs FIIO K7 for Sennheiser HD 6xx.

    Looking for an AMP to power HD 6xx/HD650, what's a better option between Topping dx3 pro+ vs FIIO K7. Other suggestions also welcome.
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    HIFIMAN XS: Use Topping DX3 Pro+ or buy another Interface?

    I recently bought a Hifiman XS, sadly it was a bit of a hasty decision since the headphones were on sale. I didn’t check whether my interface (Scarlett 8i6 3rd Gen) is powerful enough to efficiently power the headphone (I would use it for music production with Sonarwork (Flattening-EQ...
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