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  1. M

    Inexpensive, Musical DAC wanted...

    I use a 2009 MacBook Pro as a music server (Audirvana and AIFF files), connected to a Cambridge Topaz AM10 and Polk LSiM703. I have the MBP connected to the Topaz via its audio out, thus using the MBP's internal DAC. Considering an inexpensive external USB DAC. No particular need for optical...
  2. jakevoss96

    GPU Interferance in both my Creative Soundcard and USB Topping D50.

    Hello everyone, I am very new to the forums but have used this website for a number of months reading reviews on certain audio products. I have noticed there are some highly knowledgeable individuals here who know much more than I do currently about audio so I am hoping someone will know how I...
  3. L

    Topping D10 VS D50S! Looking to upgrade to new speakers in the future, most probably something like 400W speakers with amp. In that case, D10 or D50?

    My specs: Speakers- AudioEngine A5+ Sources- Windows PC and iPhone Max Audio Files- 24/196, 24/192 and some DSD files! Topping D10 VS D50S Please cast your votes! ☺️
  4. L

    How can I play flac files on my windows computer using CCA and using my iPhone as a remote?

    Speakers:Audioengine A5+ DAC:Topping D50 or D50s Audio files: 24/196, 24/192 and DSD files. I'd like to use the DAC of my Topping device (which I haven't chosen yet) instead of the CC. I want to use the CC to stream lossless music, if possible! My source is my iPhone and Windows PC. Yes, I...
  5. L

    Best DAC under $300 for Audioengine A5+ powered speakers

    My source is my PC and my purpose is to listen to FLAC 24/196, 24/192 etc and DSD music files! Please give your recommendations! I have made a poll as well feel free to vote plus recommend devices that you think are better! Thanks! ☺️
  6. AnestisMania

    Changing the game (New Dac/Pre-amp)?

    (A welcoming skip this if you want) Hello beautiful people greetings from greece. I was looking for some dac's lately and i came upon this site and i have to say it's amazing how deep some of those reviews are. I have my eye on the topping d50 for my next upgrade at the beginning i was going...
  7. A

    EL DAC vs SMSL SU-8 vs Topping D50

    Looking for a DAC in the $200-$300 dollar range. If it could be balanced that would be great. So far i'm deciding between these 3 DAC's (EL DAC vs SMSL SU-8 vs Topping D50). I'm going to be pairing it with either my Schiit Jotunheim or my Massdrop THX 789. Between these 3 DAC's which is best...
  8. C

    Decision paralysis: Topping D50 or KHADAS TONE BOARD

    Hi So I was planning on getting a DAC for my desktop and was originally looking at the Schiit Modi 3, but as always when you start search on the internet, you end up with too many options. I came to the conclusion that Topping D50 or KHADAS TONE BOARD would be the DAC to get, but I'm unsure...
  9. Veri

    Topping D50 (sold)

    I'm auctioning off my Topping D50 which I bought during the aliexpress sale since I'm keeping my older/less precise DAC and I don't need two. If you need a great performing DAC feel free to bid, I placed an international ebay auction starting at €100/$117. The unit was tested to work flawlessly.
  10. stan2bay

    Vertical Passive Bi-amping with Integrated Amp?

    Hello Everyone! I am thinking of bi-amping my Bookshelf speakers. I did some reading about it and I have some questions and would appreciate your comments. My current setup: Laptop -> Topping D30 DAC -> Topping PA3 Class D Amplifier -> Wharfedale 225 Bookshelf speakers. I plan to replace the...
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