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How can I play flac files on my windows computer using CCA and using my iPhone as a remote?


Aug 5, 2019
Speakers:Audioengine A5+
DAC:Topping D50 or D50s

Audio files: 24/196, 24/192 and DSD files.

I'd like to use the DAC of my Topping device (which I haven't chosen yet) instead of the CC. I want to use the CC to stream lossless music, if possible! My source is my iPhone and Windows PC. Yes, I have WiFi network at home. Also, I heard the D50 has ESS hump. Is that true?

Thank you for the help in advance. ☺️


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Sep 12, 2018
Auckland, New Zealand
I'm surprised no one responded to this, and if you still need an idea to accomplish this I'll go ahead and give you one:

1. Install the following on your Windows computer:

Emby Server for Windows

And the following on your iPhone:

Emby for iOS

2. Configure the server as required - it's pretty easy.

3. Launch Emby for iOS on your iPhone, tap the Cast icon to connect to your CCA.

4. Select what you want to play and enjoy... :cool:

By the way, CCA doesn't support DSD natively, and only handles *.flac up 24/96.Therefore, you'll need to configure Emby Server to do a transcode.

A screenshot of Emby for Android running on my tablet, streaming content from Emby Server for Windows to a CCA - this very similar to what you'll see on your iPhone:

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