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  1. Colin James Wonfor

    EWA designs for sale

    Due to old age and not feeling good I will be winding up EWA electronics ASAP. I am also looking for a buyer to take on the designs for the future.
  2. Colin James Wonfor

    A Fun MC to MM gain stage

    By using LTC SPICE you can check this odd circuit out. I does work well but the PSU must be very low noise and very well regulated.
  3. Colin James Wonfor

    The limit addition Claymore

    Only 6 of these were ever made, before I and TQ parted. The new one I am doing sounds even better. And now the new one this is the first one made comments on style I would love please. And the original. This one has been modified for a Headphone socket on the front. Oh and there is only...
  4. Colin James Wonfor

    I still hate digital lies

    Q & A from Hi-fi Answers.
  5. Colin James Wonfor

    The New Claymore

    Inputs MC 100R 1nF ( can be custom made ) MM 47K 47pF Line 1-3 1V 22K Output Pre 1V min load 100R Output Power 60+W/Ch 8R 100+W/Ch 4R Headphones 1W max 100R Price £1800 inc Vat
  6. Colin James Wonfor

    A Mini review of the M50 Power Amp

    A Mini review by Mr. Alan Brown. Since when will an amplifier sound better the louder it plays? Sure, louder can be more exciting, more enjoyable perhaps, but usually one reaches a point where things get a little ‘ragged’. This can manifest as harshness, sibilance, collapse of sound-stage or...
  7. Colin James Wonfor

    SECA Build

    The Brief History of my life with SECA designs The SECA amplifier designs have been in use for a long time from the early days of valves to the present day. With valves it was a simple matter of biasing the triode and having a transformer coupling to the loudspeaker. Even the first transistor...
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