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  1. M

    Master Preference Ratings for Loudspeakers

    Google Sheets Based Publication Each name in the List tab hyperlinks to "interactive" charts (Spinorama, horizontal/vertical directivity as well as normalized directivity, and a radar chart of the components that compose the score). Using Google Sheets' publication features allows this list to...
  2. M

    Speaker Equivalent SINAD Discussion

    I thought I'd create a thread where suggestions/comments can be made on if Amir were to rank speakers based on measurements, how would he do so. As of right now, since Amir wants his rating to be based on listening tests and not just opinions, Sean Olive's Predicted Preference rating is likely...
  3. M

    Speakers and IM distortion

    It felt inappropriate to post this in Amir’s “Should we (I) get into speaker testing & measurement” thread, so I started a new thread here. One of the sites I follow regularly on the internet is Lowbeats, see: https://www.lowbeats.de This is a German HiFi-Online-Magazin, as they call...
  4. amirm

    Are Our Preferences Different in Audio?

    It seems intuitive that we would all have different tastes in sound reproduction. After all, there are thousands of different brands and models of speakers each with a different sound. Surely that is due to different people liking different sounds. Another fact that bolsters this intuition is...
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