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  1. J

    How can ground loops not be a problem in single-ended connections?

    I understand how ground loops can be a problem and where they come from. What I'm surprised of is in fact the opposite: why are ground loops often not a problem? The specific context I'm thinking of is a CD reader connected via RCA cables to an amplifier, while both devices are earth grounded...
  2. X

    moon-audio article saying that for shorter than 10 feet, RCA cables have a "stronger signal" than balanced cables. True? Two bits: Does anyone know what they're talking about and can explain to me if it's true, then why? This site says the same thing, but it's remarkably similar to the first link - the point where it seems mostly just copied from the moon...
  3. I

    Best purpose-built single ended dac amp stack under $1000usd

    Hi all, First time posting after being consumed by the rabbit hole that is audiophelia. I am looking for a dac/amp combination that works ideally with single ended headphones (in this case the dt1990s). The general consensus I’ve seen is that at the same price, an SE stack will be better than a...
  4. T

    Single ended to balanced to eliminate hum?

    Hello, this is my very first post here; what I like of this site is that pretty much of it is based on facts; of course opinions are valuable as long as their are reasonably backed by measures. I have a simple question and I thank any comment in advance: My audio chain runs single ended in...
  5. Suppa92

    Make a Headphone Cable with Dual Unbalanced Mic cable?

    guys, is it a good choice to diy a single-ended headphone cable with any unbalanced cable (eg: mogami w2528 dual )? I recently found a mogami w2528 cable lying around & thought of diy a headphone cable, I just want to know is it good thing to use shield as the ground for the each headphone cup...
  6. KeithPhantom

    FS: Topping A50s (USA)

    I am selling my faithful Topping A50s since I moved to a wireless chain and don’t really need the amplifier. The amplifier has never failed and it is in great condition. PM me for more details; pictures attached below. The starting price is $70 + $15 of shipping.
  7. Aubergine

    Thoughts on the NuPrime HPA-9

    I decided to make a thread for a headphone amplifier that i recently purchased i might post some updates and information about it over time here and other people can chip in :) I decided to start by talking a little about power consumption One thing i almost always do is plug in anything i...
  8. snake3276120

    Will driving single-ended signal to diff help THAT1200

    Hi guys, I have a DIY amp which utilizes THAT1200 as the receiver. THAT1200 is a differential receiver but it's capable of receiving a single-ended signal by clipping the XLR cold into shield/gnd using a psuedo differential cable (RCA to XLR). I wonder if I should built a single ended to...
  9. K

    Balanced VS Sing-ended DACs,

    Hello! I'm a fellow newbie ""audiphile"". My question here is: I'm about to buy a new DACAMP I have 2 opitons (both used): Audio GD R2R 11 Audio GD HFB10.33 The R2R is a bit cheaper, but my problem here is that i can't decide which model would be better for me. The R2R Model uses a better...
  10. Shoaibexpert

    Single Ended DAC - Balanced VS Unbalanced on THX AAA 789

    I am new to High End audio and have the Dragonfly Red (single Ended) DAC and have the Massdrop THX 789 Amp that has both balanced and single ended inputs and outputs.. My question is since the DAC is single ended, would connecting the DAC to the Dual XLR inputs of the Amp using a 3.5mm to dual...
  11. M

    Balanced Headphone Amplifier for RME ADI-2 DAC Recommendations

    Good day everybody & I am happy to be with you, This is my first post in this forum and I have some questions! My very old setup was a fully balanced DAC/AMP combo (single unit) and I used expensive 4-pin XLR Headphones cables. Recently and for quite some time I have been searching for a way...
  12. dallasjustice

    When Does Balanced Matter?

    Benchmark application notes explains why balanced is superior to unbalanced and under what circumstances it really matters.
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