1. Xulonn

    Audio gear or appliances that are good "investments" or valuable as "vintage items"???

    Two caveats: 1. This is not a future or even present thing for me. At 80 y/o, I won't be around for items that are new today to become "long term" investments. Plus, there are no thrift shops or the occasionally found cast-offs here in Panama as there are in the USA and Europe. But I...
  2. ThatM1key

    SiriusXM (Web Version) Mini Review

    I decided to get Sirius XM (Web Version) again. What always attracts me to this service is the radio stations (The Xtra Channels), they have a strong song selection. My father uses Sirius XM in his car, which sounds fine because the alright speakers hide the very terrible quality audio, which...
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