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Audio gear or appliances that are good "investments" or valuable as "vintage items"???


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Jun 27, 2018
Boquete, Chiriqui, Panama
Two caveats:
1. This is not a future or even present thing for me. At 80 y/o, I won't be around for items that are new today to become "long term" investments. Plus, there are no thrift shops or the occasionally found cast-offs here in Panama as there are in the USA and Europe. But I enjoy reading about the experiences of others who are fortunate enough to have found such bargains.

2. These are not all audiophile items, and for "investment value", inflation needs to be taken into account if you bought it many years ago. However, that is not important if you found it curbside, via dumpster diving, or for pennies on the dollar (or pound, euro, etc.) at an estate sale or thrift shop. The eBay advertised Harman Kardon Citation II below cost $230 new - and that is equivalent to about $2,200 in today's dollars.


HK Citation II Amplifier.jpg


Boom Boxes.jpg


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