portable headphone amplifier

  1. S

    Portable Audio Upgrading? (FiiO Q5s and beyond)

    I currently own a FiiO Q5s alongside a pair of KB Ear Believe's using 4.4 balanced on my phone and was wanting to go further down into the rabbit hole and see what I could do to upgrade my little setup, whilst still keeping it relatively portable. I've looked into the YinLvMei m400 and m400 pro...
  2. M

    Tips for the Hidizs S8 headphone amp / DAC

    Based on the recommendations here I picked up a Hidizs S8 directly from their site for my portable audiophile kit. I wanted to share a couple of things that took me some digging to figure out. First, out of the box, it didn't seem very loud. I tried it with Hifiman Sundaras, Sennheiser 580s...
  3. audio_noob_69

    Audio noob wants help with portable headphone DAC/AMP selection

    Dear members of Audio Science Review, Lately I have been trying to figure out how to upgrade my music listening experience. I own the Sony MDR-ZX660 headphones. I listen to music using my laptop or my phone. Usually, I listen to mp3 files (320kbps). I am not satisfied with the sound quality of...
  4. Pesky Bee

    Hidizs S8 vs Hidizs S9

    Hello, hope you are all doing well. I am looking for a portable DAC/AMP that will power IEMs from a phone, like; T2, T4, P1, Tape Pro, FH3, Starfields, Believe, ThieAudio L3/L4/L5, Yume, TRI Starsea And more efficient headphones, like; X2HR, SHP9500, AKG 361, HD58X, SR80e With the...
  5. N

    need portable headphone dac/amp for android/laptop

    Issue solved, went for a ifi hip dac
  6. Xulonn

    Quloos QA390 - marketing hype or great product?

    The recent disappointing Woo Audio WA11 portable DAC/HA post by @amirm prompted me to check out the Quloos QA390 and start this thread ... The QA390, even available in bright red for those with flamboyant tastes, has more features than the Woo, and might even be worth the $1,400 it costs at...
  7. F

    Want to keep my DACs sound but use external AMP for better bass response, possible?

    Hi all, So the challenge is this. I want to keep sound coming from my DAC (LG G5 smartphone) which I like alot, except it does not do bass well (I am aware of equalizers, but they don't do the job well). Is there a hardware combo for portable use that will let you keep the DACs sound but...
  8. H

    Topping D30 & Portable Headphone Amplifier

    Hello Everyone! I hope you are doing well. I'm new here, please let me know if I should put this question in the newbie forums instead. Can the Topping D30 output audio to a portable headphone amplifier without overpowering/damaging said amplifier? I'm currently using an Xtrempro portable...
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