1. boXem

    boXem A series

    We are glad to present our all-new A series. The A series address the need of high-performance-no-design-compromise amplification at the best possible cost. Power per channel will range from 150 to 800 W. Applications are single to multichannel combinations, for home audio, home cinema and...
  2. J

    Nightmare room setup request for advice (audio only)

    Hi all - I'm looking for some advice on what appears to be an impossible situation - how to create a pretty good audio experience in a horrible room setup / layout. Diagram is below, but here's some background: - We're only worried about Audio... no AV requirements - There's a big room with...
  3. J

    Mac / PC as multichannel endpoint or DSP from multiple audio inputs?

    Hi - apologies if this is covered elsewhere, but I couldn't find it / didn't know how to phrase a search to find it. Is there any straightforward way (not necessarily easy) to {a} use a single Mac/PC as multiple streaming endpoints (e.g. packing 4-8 Wiims into a Mac Mini) or to {b} use a single...
  4. M

    [Requesting Advice]: Audiophile beginner looking to expand & upgrade

    Hello Folks, I started of my audio journey during pandemic with a Denon x4500h, JBL studio 530s , an Infinity RC263 center and a HSU Research VTF-15H MK2 sub. Over the past few months i wanted to take the hobby a bit further. Mostly, wanted to improve my AV side and create a dedicated 2 (&...
  5. dualazmak

    Multi-Channel, Multi-Amplifier Audio System Using Software Crossover and Multichannel-DAC

    Edit: Please find here (on this thread) and here (remote independent thread post) the Hyperlink Index of this thread and some of my related posts in remote threads ************************************************** Edit on August 8, 2023 Jus for your reference,,, - The latest system setup of my...
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