1. Dogen

    Any experience with Monoprice SSW-12 subwoofer?

    Hi all, I need a subwoofer for my small bedroom (4m x 4m) that can fit under a chest of drawers or under the bed. I came upon this Monoprice SSW-12 low-profile subwoofer. Does anyone have any experience with this line of subs? This is purely for music, and I won’t be trying to shake the rafters...
  2. R

    Benchmark AHB2 vs Monoprice 605030, what would happen in a subjective test?

    I have a DIY project that will require a powerful amp (or two mono amps). This is for high fi speakers, not subwoofers. I am tempted to use two Monoprice 605030 amps in bridged mode. @4ohms they make about 500watts similar to using two of the Benchmark AHB2. The $ difference is significant. I...
  3. sweetchaos

    Monoprice THX-365C Center Channel Speaker Review (by Erin)

    Thanks to @hardisj for another speaker review! This is the 3-way center from Monoprice. Retails for US$500. Link to review: Erin's conclusion: Discuss!
  4. RickSanchez

    [owner's thread] Monoprice Monolith THX AAA 887 headphone amp

    Creating this thread to have all the owners and members have a place to discuss the Monoprice THX 887 amp without creating extra posts in the official review thread. Feel free to post any questions and concerns that you may have regarding this amp in this thread.
  5. VintageFlanker

    Battle Of Budget XLR Cables

    Battle Of Budget XLR Cables Hey folks, I planned to post this for a while, but been a bit busy elsewhere these last few weeks... Here is a quick comparison between entry-level XLR cables, along with basic measurements to find out if some of them may bring any influence in the audible (or at...
  6. R

    Monoprice Encore B5 coming in April, poor mans Arendal 1961? Also the T5 $150 USD each The design philosophy and similarity to some of the Arendal speakers is again present. This set reminds of the 1961 with the sealed design and overall design strategy. I wonder if these sound good? Time will tell. Also a smaller tower...
  7. B

    Drastically diminished subwoofer performance, cant figure out why, please help

    Hello, I recently upgrade my HT setup and moved my old equipment into a computer / game room. After setting everything up I am getting very low amts of bass output from the sub that use to be my main sub for 3 years (and was very happy how it performed) My subwoofer (monoprice monolith 10")...
  8. sweetchaos

    Monoprice Encore B6 Bookshelf Review (by Erin)

    Link to @hardisj review They are US$360/pair. Erin's conclusion: Discuss!
  9. D

    Monoprice thx 365 center worth it for 240€?

    hey everyone quick question, looking for a new center (have the 2 way elac dcr52, but not that great) and all the well reviewed from amir ones are not up for sale here in europe, the only one i saw mentioned in some threads was the monoprice thx 365c and strangely enough, a few days ago amazon...
  10. T

    [EU] F/S: Monoprice Monolith THX AAA 887 Headphone Amp (Mint)

    For sale the acclaimed Headphone Amp Monoprice Monolith THX AAA 887 in mint condition with very little use. Bought from Monoprice EU, comes in original package with all accessories. Price: 250 Euros Shipping: Inside EU
  11. RickSanchez

    Massdrop 789 vs. Monoprice 887 vs. SMSL SP200: THX amp measurement comparison

    Due to the Green Bay Packers having a bye week (i.e., I have a little more free time than usual today) I thought it would be interesting to compare three high-performing and relatively budget THX headphone amplifiers: the Drop (Massdrop) THX AAA 789 vs. the Monoprice Monolith THX AAA 887 vs. the...
  12. Xulonn

    Amazon deletes all Monoprice Hybrid amp listings???

    [Skip to the last three paragraphs if you want to skip my related story] As some of you figured out from my first post here as ASR about my history with tube gear, I am a hopeless audio gear-changer who started this crazy hobby in 1958. Now I am a 76 y/o American expat who lives on a limited...
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