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Benchmark AHB2 vs Monoprice 605030, what would happen in a subjective test?


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Feb 27, 2020
I have a DIY project that will require a powerful amp (or two mono amps).
This is for high fi speakers, not subwoofers.
I am tempted to use two Monoprice 605030 amps in bridged mode.
@4ohms they make about 500watts similar to using two of the Benchmark AHB2.
The $ difference is significant.

I would love thoughts on how audible the difference could be between the state of art, Benchmark and the very cheaply produced but serviceable, Monoprice.
I doubt anyone has actually blind tested these two so I am totally fine with subjective speculations and just plain chat.
This is not a joke, I am really thinking about buying 1 or the other pair (though note I am not financially rich so budget is a thing).
I am also thinking about something like the Audiophonics HPA-S400ET, but it is not quite as much power. Or maybe Hypex. Or maybe another big Crown.

In any case a couple of times I made an amplifier comparison and I did hear a notable (and while notable, certainly not mindblowing)difference between amps. However these were tiny 15-30 watt Chip amps and an OLD Aiwa receiver vs powerful $1000-1500 HiFi amps.
Any other time, despite using a variety of gear I have never really been able to test amps blind nor really pinpoint much difference when switching things up sighted.

Will the Monoprice and Benchmark sound appreciably different? What do you all think?
My opinion is I would go with Benchmark, but if budget is the main concern try out the Monoprice and see if they do it for you. I would personally not go with the Monoprice because of the fans, I do not like that.
This was an eye (uh, 'ear') opening blind test w/ the Benchmark vs. several amps costing an order of magnitude less. Conclusion? Hard to detect a discernible difference, and in one case the Benchmark was thought to be the worst performer.

I love Benchmark as a company and how they strive for engineering excellence - clearly it is the best on paper. I don't think I'd spend the $$ for it though.
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Not sure whatbypur idea of fair too well is. Amps appeared to be audibly undistinguishable under test conditions.

Exactly as onw would expect
I would love thoughts on how audible the difference could be between the state of art, Benchmark and the very cheaply produced but serviceable, Monoprice.
How sensitive are the speakers? Distortion >10W stands a good chance of being masked, but the ~30dB noise difference...
The speakers are going to be fairly insensitive (and will be using a DSP infused bass boost at around 50hrz of 6db.)
Not done yet but likely 80-82db.
They are a 2 way using a larger, beefy woofer/mid (and a waveguide loaded tweeter to allow for a 1200hrz crossover zone)
The woofers have high XMAX this is a smaller sealed box design, I will be using the DSP to shape bass response, coupled with the low sensitivity I will be need plenty of power if listening at higher SPL.
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