1. daniboun

    Hundreds of speakers measured here! impressive list)

    Hi amigos, I discovered this site yesterday... do you want measurements? measures you will have! Here's an impressive list of measures categorized by brands.
  2. sweetchaos

    List of Amir's Recommended Speakers, for Canadians

    This thread is intended for Canadian shoppers, looking to purchase speakers. _______________________________________ Highly Recommended Passive Speakers (sorted CDN $-$$): - Passive speakers that received the "Golfing/Soccer Panther Award"...
  3. Matias

    Amplifier SINAD list ASR + 3rd parties

    I wanted to compare amplifiers measured elsewhere to the ASR standard measurements: SINAD at 5W in 4 ohms, and power at 1% THD+N in 4 ohms. So I chose some amplifiers that interested me more (let me know if you wish I can add more), read their graphs, converted to SINAD, color coded and created...
  4. pozz

    Master Review Index

    Links to reviews, measurements, explanatory articles, listening tests and other resources. ASR Youtube Channel & Wiki Speakers Speaker Review Index: Reviews, rankings and scatterplot by @Racheski (Feedback Thread) Loudspeaker Preference Ratings: Calculations and comparisons by @MZKM (Feedback...
  5. M

    Master Preference Ratings for Loudspeakers

    Google Sheets Based Publication Each name in the List tab hyperlinks to "interactive" charts (Spinorama, horizontal/vertical directivity as well as normalized directivity, and a radar chart of the components that compose the score). Using Google Sheets' publication features allows this list to...
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