1. M

    Nad 325bee (50w) to Marantz PM8005 (70w) Worth it?

    Hello everyone, last week after many years I changed the speakers, after a lot of research, availability in Argentina and obviously prices, I bought Wharfedale 12.2 and I am very happy listening to them, I have a Polk Audio HTS10 subwoofer and I continue to adjust it as the days goes by, a...
  2. S

    sold Arcam Alpha 10 Rare Integrated Amplifier Excellent Pristine Condition

    sold elsewhere. Universally praised, you will not find a bad review on this integrated amplifier. Everything works as it should. ** Output power: 100W into 8 ohms, both channels driven (20dBW); 170W into 4 ohms, both channels driven (19.3dBW). ** Harmonic distortion: 0.2% typical (1kHz at...
  3. P

    Want to Buy: Denon PMA-SX11

    Looking to purchase a Denon PMA-SX11 integrated amplifier (Japanese model). Thank you!
  4. D

    Yamaha A-S1000 measurements anywhere?

    Hi there I'm searching for some THD, FR and Power measurements of the Yamaha A-S1000 but haven't had any luck finding any. Anyone who might have a link?
  5. M

    SOLD!!!: Rotel RA-1572 (Mk I) integrated amp

    Selling a 3 years old Rotel RA-1572 (Mk I) in perfect condition. No scratches or any aesthetic defects. It has been used in a hifi rack with plenty of ventilation in a smoke-free household. Full data here: Cool feature: it has 2 mono sub outputs, which is...
  6. differenceclouds

    NAD C 338 vs Rogue Sphinx - two hypex integrateds

    I'm looking at new integrated amps, and the fuss about hypex boards has intrigued me. Both of these are integrated amps with a phono stage, several line stages, and a headphone amp, and both use Hypex UcD modules, but they seem to have different goals. The DAC and bluetooth on the NAD would...
  7. BillG

    NAD M10 Streaming Amplifier Lab Report... has run a performance analysis on the NAD M10 streaming, integrated amplifier recently, and this is what they found - I can't attest to the validity of it , though...
  8. TheInquiring

    Integrated to drive Tekton Lore Reference

    Dear experts! I need your advice on a solid-state integrated amp to drive a pair of these Tektons to moderate levels (65 - 70 dB) in a modest Hi-Fi music-only setup, please. Budget: would like to stay below $500 (flexible, within reason). Please chime in!
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