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  1. aaronsarkissian

    Hard time deciding which Integrated Amplifier to pick!

    Hi, I want to buy an Integrated Amplifier and use it with a variety of speakers over the years. Currently will start using them with Klipsch RP-600M II and Focal CHORA 826. Based on what I need and some suggestions I am down to these options: (The prices include base price + tax + shipping to...
  2. E

    Cambridge Audio CXA81

    For sale like new - $850 + shipping $50 within US
  3. J

    Class D 2.0 integrated Amp with HDMI

    Folks, anyone know of a class D with an HDMI input? Something not from BluSound?
  4. W

    Integrated or AVR - Cinema 50, Onkyo, Other - Dirac, PreOuts

    Hello all. I mostly listen to 2 channel stereo (Classical, Jazz and some rock). I need to drive my new Polk R700 speakers. My wants in an integrated amp or AVR are: 1. Dirac Live built in 2. Pre Outs to add external amp for more power 3. WiFi streaming (I only play music through Tidal, Apple...
  5. K

    2ch music stream

    hello guys I have a couple of questions , I don't have a lot of experience in audiophile world so pardon my ignorance , recently bought a pair of kef r2 and a arcam sa10 integrated amp , my question is; what is the best way to stream music ? currently I have the arcam connected to my desktop...
  6. F

    Has anyone heard of Copland or Canor? (CSA100, AI 2.10)

    Hello all, I hope this is the right sub forum for something like this, because the word 'discussion' was missing in the description of this sub forum. Has anyone here been able to find out anything about the two brands Copland and Canor? In particular, I am interested in the amplifiers Copland...
  7. I

    SOLD!!!: NAD C 316BEE Integrated Amp:SOLD!!!

    In excellent physical and working condition. Considered the best hifi amp for an entry price. v2 retails for $479. Sounded great with different speakers I tried with. Slim form factor. Price is $220 local cash pickup (zip code: 08540). I prefer local cash pickup and I am willing to travel...
  8. K

    Nord Acoustics SE252mp Integrated Amp

    Just wondering if anybody owned this piece of equipment and what their thoughts were? I'm going through the thought process of integrated versus pre/amp separates. Thanks!
  9. orchardaudio

    Starkrimson™ Integrated Stereo Amplifier Launched

    Just Add Speakers I am proud to announce the launch of Starkrimson™ Integrated. This integrated amplifier combines Orchard Audio’s existing BOSC™ amplification and PecanPi® DAC technologies into a single enclosure. The inputs are either USB or S/PDIF. Just add speakers. Starkrimson is one of...
  10. C

    Audible Powernode 2i Hiss

    Hey all, I've been experiencing a hiss issue and have done everything I can to try to isolate it. Ultimately, I believe it is coming from the Bluesound Powernode 2i I am using to power my speakers. I spoke with my dealer and I got a replacement unit, thinking perhaps it was an individual unit...
  11. Thunder

    What DAC/Headphone Amp combo or separate DAC and Headphone Amp should I get?

    I'll be using it/them with my gaming PC and a pair of Edifier Studio R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers and Sennheisers HD 600 First I'd like to know if it's better to get a DAC/Headphone Amp combo or separate ones. I don't use my headphones pretty much for comfortabilty reasons, I always use my...
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