1. S

    Powered 2.1 consumer Desktop PC speakers with no audible idle hiss 2023

    Hi, I'm new here... I have been looking for awhile for a nice set of powered "consumer" speakers, 2.1 configuration, for desktop, near-field use to use with PC music and gaming. The most important factor for me is to have no audible hiss at close range, which I define as 12" (30cm) or more...
  2. J

    Question re monitor pops (especially if you own a G4 KRK)

    Hi! Long time lurker, first time poster. I've been on this forum every day for last month or so while I've been agonising over a new pair of monitors. They are mainly for home djing, with a bit of production. I had a pair of G2 Rokit 8's that lasted 10+ years but have finally just about given up...
  3. K

    Buzzing in Speaker

    Hooping for some advice. Having a buzz thru my Speakers. Buzz is independent of volume and is constant. When using my Denon 4700 and any devise it is quiet. When adding a power amplifier i get a buzz. Tried 4 different. 3 grounded 1 un-grounded (30 year old Sansui). Only with the Sansui it is...
  4. S

    Hum and hiss after connecting miniDSP SHD

    Hi all, After adding the SHD to my audio chain there is audible hum and hiss coming through the speakers. I added an audio file (no pun intended) so you can hear for yourself: Link to audio Previously I had another DAC without grounding that didn’t seem to add noticeable noise through my...
  5. mxlv900

    Presonus Eris E5 hum

    Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum so if I'm doing any of this wrong feel free to tell me. I bought a Topping E30 DAC to hook up to my pair of Eris E5. The problem is that I experience a fairly loud hum/buzzing sound. I hooked them up through some THX RCAs that I had lying around in the house...
  6. spalmgre

    Noise floor

    In amplifier tests there is the noise performance as compared to the signal level. But I can not see what is the noise floor level without a signal. Maybe I don't understand how to read it from the tests!? So inform me how. This is important when using very sensitive compression drivers with...
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