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  1. G

    New to the Forum! I have some questions regarding the DAC to purchase in my situation.

    Hello everyone! I've been lurking on this site for a while but finally made an account to ask some questions. So currently, I am trying to find the best solution for a DAC to be used as a Headphone amplifier, as well as for connecting to my speaker Amplifier powering a set of Bowers and Wilkins...
  2. dreadknot

    help me choose best 2ch combo stax

    Help me decide i plan to have a dedicated music room for just listening va a pair of speakers an headphones and im planning to put together a new Over-The-Ear/Dac/Eq/Dac/Lp/2 CH stack an pair with my existing crown audio xls-1502 & my 2nd schiit magnius an and i want to pair with either the...
  3. G

    DAC for TIDAL Master - Meridian Explorer v1 DAC / Ztella MQA DAC / Hiby FC3 / IFI ZEN DAC / Topping D10

    I would like to purchase a better option for listening to Tidal Master both on my desktop and on my cell phone. I own a Philips Fidelio x1s headphone and a KZ ZS10 Pro I thought of some options: Ztella (versão MQA) HiBy FC3 Temptec Sonata Hd Pro Meridian Explorer v1 DAC and Desktop Options...
  4. D

    Finally arrived - Gustard X16 DAC and Topping A90 headphone amp

    The long wait is finally over. New Gustard X16 DAC and Topping A90 headphone amp arrived today from ShenzhenAudio in China. Glad to know that the balanced headphone cable from Audiophile Ninja works (had no easy way of testing it before now). So far so good. Not much to say that hasn't...
  5. audio_noob_69

    Audio noob wants help with portable headphone DAC/AMP selection

    Dear members of Audio Science Review, Lately I have been trying to figure out how to upgrade my music listening experience. I own the Sony MDR-ZX660 headphones. I listen to music using my laptop or my phone. Usually, I listen to mp3 files (320kbps). I am not satisfied with the sound quality of...
  6. D

    Requesting Balanced Headphone Stack Ideas: Schiit Modius/Magnius stack backorder pushed to April 22nd :(

    For whatever reason, Schiit keeps pushing back the ship by date on the Modius/Magnius stack that I ordered almost a month ago. I don't want to wait another month. What other fully balanced DAC/amp stacks are available for around $400? I already have balanced interconnects for separates, and...
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