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  1. di2ger

    HDMI streaming sticks as audio streamers or 44.1 to 48 kHz upsampling quality

    The most budget audio streamer option is an HDMI streaming stick. The cheapest of them fluctuates around $30. However, there is a problem. All known HDMI sticks upsample everything to 48kHz. Yes, connecting USB DAC to some of them is possible, but it complicates things and increases the price...
  2. ThatM1key

    HDMI to Optical Blues

    It's hard to put this into words. Years ago I was given a Denon DVD-2500BTCI from my father, which before you type, he bought used for dirt cheap. Most of its life in my hands, its been sitting. I would like to use it as a "fancy" CD transport but there's one problem, only HDMI output. I...
  3. ThatM1key

    What is the best method to play back digital stereo music on an AVR?

    Like the title says, What is the best method to play back digital stereo music on an AVR? I used to be a major DSD & high-res freak but now I am perfectly happy with CD quality music. I have a Sony STR-DN1080, which I am fairly certain it can reproduce CD quality music well, Anything above CD...
  4. S

    TV to XLR - recommendations

    I just bought a new Roku TV and would like to hook it to my speakers. TV = tcl 55s425-ca. This has audio outputs: - analog - the usual headphone jack, likely without volume control - digital 1 - looks like a TOSLink - digital 2 - HDMI ARC - new to me, but sounds promising. My speakers are...
  5. thefsb

    Cheap HDMI switch/extractor

    We replaced our AVR with one of these cheap HDMI switch/extractors and a decent integrated stereo amp. Subjective SQ is much improved for music listening, especially the TT, so clearly the AVR was a PoS amp. But Idk about HDMI sound. I'm really curious. I think it would be hilarious if this $50...
  6. amirm

    A Deep Dive into HDMI Audio Performance

    Note: this is a slightly revised version of an article I wrote for the Widescreen Review Magazine. It was published in January 2014 I think. ----- A Deep Dive into HDMI Audio Performance Sometimes I feel that digital audio is the most misunderstood technology around. If I asked you how a TV...
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