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Cheap HDMI switch/extractor


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Nov 2, 2019
We replaced our AVR with one of these cheap HDMI switch/extractors and a decent integrated stereo amp. Subjective SQ is much improved for music listening, especially the TT, so clearly the AVR was a PoS amp. But Idk about HDMI sound. I'm really curious. I think it would be hilarious if this $50 thing does as well as the typical AVR, which, as Amir has shown, is pretty weak. I'm also curious if there's much difference between the analog and optical outputs.

I use mine every day but I'm curious enough to get one to you @amirm if you'd put it through the wringer.

My review

The hardware package is a huge improvement over the AVR. It's small and tucked away in our living room away without losing IR remote control. Neither of us want consumer electronics messing up the aesthetic or consuming valuable space.

HDMI inputs connect to a Sony BluRay player, Roku Ultra and Raspberry Pi. Output is an Epson 1080p projector and RCA to the integrated amp, which provides volume control. We haven't tried the optical output since we don't have anything to connect that to. Its wall wart plugs into a switching power strip controlled by the current drawn by the amp so there's no need to use the on/off switch or remote on/off control. We control it with our Sony universal remote, which was programmed using the learning method, but there's seldom any need as its automatic input selection usually does what we want.

It works 100% as advertised in this setup and with all our program material. Picture looks fine. Idk if it is degraded in ways an expert might notice. Sound for DVDs and streaming video is fine: no obvious defects/artifacts. Beyond that I can't say. Fidelity of sound reproduction watching Rick and Morty, Death in Paradise, or you-know-what isn't such a big deal and I wouldn't know how to judge it anyway. I could try playing some CDs on the Sony BluRay player through HDMI but I'm not sure what that would mean without evidence that the player does a proper job converting CD sound to HDMI.



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Aug 29, 2019
West Sussex, UK
Some Samsung TVs come with a 'One Connect' box that provides similar functionality to what you have achieved. I can't recall if the one on my TV has an analogue audio output, but I do use the optical output to run a wireless headphone transmitter.


Apr 11, 2019
Technically, besides some jitter issues, that you won't notice, it should make a transparent 1:1 copy from hdmi to hdmi.

SPDIF also, once more with some jitter, and the analogue part should be as good as the DAC it has internally.

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