1. S

    Explain how to create an FIR file like I’m 5

    Hey all - so I’m totally new to PEQ/correction, etc. Done a bunch of reading and searching but still not exactly clear on this and how to generate the files. Here is what I’d like to do: I have an Eversolo A8 and I’d like to use its DSP to do room correction when I’m playing digital. I have...
  2. S

    RTFIR - realtime convolver for Windows

    Hi, Look at this realtime FIR filtering tool I just made recently. What do you think ? Does it have future ? :)
  3. J

    Looking for latest & greatest CamillaDSP hardware options, inc non-USB input & output, DSP, DAC, etc.

    I'm curious what the latest & greatest hardware options people are using for CamillaDSP, in particular, non-USB input and non-USB output options. Here's the use case: - Goal: Multizone / multiroom house-wide audio with per-room room correction - Plan: WiiM Pro streamers (maybe a 4x Pro in a 1u...
  4. AudioBoy

    Is it possible to automatically correct the phase using REW arithmetics?

    Hello guys! I was wondering is it possible to correct the phase using REW mathematics? What prevent us to use this app potential to get rid of excessive phase elements in our measurements and get nearly perfect FIR filter which then could be used in Roon or Equalizer APO? Of course there is...
  5. B

    Manual room correction for stereo - best practice ?

    Hi Everyone ! I need an advice for the my stereo setup. I am using a 7.2.4 system that is used for HC and music in a dedicated room. Rough dimentions : 520 cm x 320 cm. Ceiling 260 cm. The stereo path of my system : DAC: Denafrips ARES 12TH Pre/Pro: Emotiva XMC-2 Power: Emotiva XPA-2 Speakers...
  6. DavidGA

    Visualizing the Topping D50s FIR modes

    I bought a D50s which I'm very happy with, but I wanted to understand the difference between the FIR modes. I connected it to my (very old, analogue) oscilloscope and snapped some pictures of the waveform of a 980Hz square wave (sampled at 44100Hz) in the seven different FIR modes, and I...
  7. MichaelEA

    DSP basics and FIR Filtering

    I often see questions asking for more information about FIR filtering and the pros and cons. I've put together an article describing some DSP, FIR and IIR basics, and applications in audio. Let me know if you find this helpful, and/or if there's...
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