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  1. M

    DAC/AMP for DT-770 250 Ohm

    Hello, I am having a hard time choosing the most adequate DAC/AMP combo for my DT-770 Pro 250 Ohm. My budget is around 200€ but I'm willing to stretch it up to 250-300€ if it's worth the price. Currently, I have looked at a bunch of different combos, including the Topping L30 II/E30 II stack...
  2. Rockfella

    Worth upgrading from Fiio K5 Pro (RCA) to a balanced DAC for more than 1 reason.

    Current combo : Kali Audio LP6 + FiiO K5 Pro connected with RCA. I am happy with the combo, was wondering if upgrading to a balanced DAC/xlr will be worth it? Reasons: Want to try XLR cables (hoping for better audio) + K5 Pro has a weird problem: It does not mute the monitors if I connect...
  3. N

    Fiio K5 Pro AKM version for sale. USA only, as new. $120 shipped free. Paypal only.

    Hey Guys, I purchased 2 Fiio K5 Pro's the AKM version. One for me and one for my son. He now purchased a USB headset for his PC, so no longer needs his Fiio. It's in 'as new condition', with box and all accessories. Working perfectly. I can ship immediately. See photo. DM me if you have...
  4. D

    Help me choose a DAC/AMP under 200 USD

    Hi! I'm looking for a future proof DAC/AMP under 200$ (I'm in the EU). My headphones: 6XX, 560s, 770 80 Ohm. And I have a Fiio e10k, which is my temporary solution. And I don't know if the Dac chip inside is good enough to pair with the Schiit or atom. Option: Fiio K5 PRO (200$) Option: JDS...
  5. K

    Should I use equalizers?

    I have akg-712 pro with Fiio K5 Pro and I wonder should I use an equalizer? I heard some people make them sound "better" but I have no experince with it so I'm not sure, I don't even know which software to use. I found stuff like this - and many...
  6. K

    What's the best amp/DAC for akg-712 pro?

    I have akg-712 pro with Fiio K5 Pro and I love them but I wonder is it worth to upgrade the amp/DAC? My budget is around 300-500 usd. Those are my first headphones and maybe it's better to save more for another pair of headphones with different sound signature?
  7. S

    First DAC/amp setup

    Hi all! I'm in the process of building my first audiophile setup and getting a bit confused/overwhelmed with all the information out there. I have pretty much decided on buying the Sivga SV021's for my headphones. Now I am trying to find a DAC/amp setup to pair with it. I would like to get...
  8. F

    Final showdown: FiiO K5 Pro vs Topping L30(but without DAC) which would sound better?

    So after almost a month of owning my Beyerdynamic DT 990 pro and trying to figure out which amp to go for, here is what I've narrowed it down to, and I don't wish to consider any other option but these two given my budget, availability where I live and all my past research. Which of these do...
  9. T

    Upgrade advice from Audioengine D1 & Sennheiser 599

    I'm planning to upgrade from Audioengine D1 & Sennheiser 599 to Fiio K5 Pro & Sennheiser 6xx. Do you think this would worth to spend around $400 or would you recommend another pair of headphones + dac amp combo at this price point? I usually listen to alternative, rock, metal and classical...
  10. P

    Fiio K5 Pro and AKG 712 Pro

    Hi people! Does the Fiio K5 Pro have enough power to properly power the AKG K712 Pro headphones to their full potential? I already have K5 Pro, and I'm on the fence about buying AKG K712 Pro. Are the 712s really this power-hungry? Anybody with this combo? :)
  11. M

    Fiio K5 Pro or Drop O2 + SDAC

    I live in the EU and ordered the O2 + SDAC but now see that it only has a US plug and the EU plug will either be $16+$26 shipping, or $23 in an EU store. For this price it will be around the same as the Fiio K5 Pro. I see that the Fiio has a stronger Amp but want to know if the Amp is better...
  12. companyja

    Would SPDIF Optical Out from my motherboard's ALC892 be exactly the same as through my soundcard's?

    Hey guys, first post here, sorry if I'm posting in the wrong section, I recently got a Fiio K5 Pro, I wanted a capable dac/amp mostly for future upgrades but it does drive my AKG K240 perfectly, I'm very happy with it. However, when used with USB, whenever my PC does something intensive like...
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