1. Marc v E

    CamillaDsp Moode not working

    I'm very much a beginner when audio dsp is concerned but want to experiment with Rew and eq to see what can be achieved. I first started with my desktop setup consisting of a raspberry pi, a Topping dx7pro and Genelecs 8030 A. The Raspberri pi 4 (edit: 3b) has the latest version of MoOde and...
  2. Mehdiem

    REW and RME: How to Generate EQ tailored for RME ADI-2 using REW?

    I have performed my first measurement with UMIK-1 and REW. I need your help to understand how to generate & translate my EQ measurements into RME parameters. I could not find a way to generate EQ according to RME parameters and capabilities. I tried using Generic EQ with 7 filters but didn't...
  3. K

    macOS sound source help

    Hi, My setup is Sennheiser 660s, Topping A30pro, D10B. I want to EQ my setup on mac. Is there somewhere that I can test if EQing will make a difference? I don't want to commit $100 to soundsource and plugins before I know that its worth it. Thanks,
  4. A

    EQ-ing the 250-ohm Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro

    This has been sort of an on-going project for me. So thought I'd start a thread here for sharing and discussing different ideas and approaches on this. Anyone is welcome to participate, and give their own opinions, ideas, suggestions, etc. on the subject. Since I'm currently using the 250-ohm...
  5. Presently42

    Windows Setting Changes Frequency Response

    I first noticed something was amiss, when I measured my new JBL A130, and saw a bizarrely similar frequency response (fr) to what my old Technics SB-P1000 were producing. The measurements also didn't correlate nicely with what'd been measured here. Fast forward a while and much exasperaish...
  6. S

    Is it correct to correct the dip at crossover?

    The amplitude-frequency response curves (near on-axis only, far off-axis only, or both on-axis and far off-axis) of a speaker may have a dip around the crossover frequency. Is it correct to eliminate the dip by EQing? As an example, let us see 2019 Audioholics B&W 603 review. The frequency...
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