1. T

    [FS][EU] E1DA 9038S G3

    For sale the excellent portable DAC/Amp E1DA 9038S Gen. 3 in mint condition. Purchased 1 month ago from audiophonics.fr. Selling due to little use. Shipping from Greece. Price: 80 euros
  2. trl

    E1DA Cosmos APU - Teardown and personal thoughts and measurements

    Hello all, I recently received a Cosmos APU from Ivan (@IVX) to have it teared down and, why not, to have its guts tested as much as possible. Main product page is https://e1dashz.wixsite.com/index/cosmos-apu from where we can get lots of technical details about this interesting audio...
  3. J

    Dongle DAC not requiring driver on Windows 10

    Hi all, two questions here - I'm after a DAC/amp which can run my DCA Aeon Closed RT's from my work computer, unfortunately IT will not permit any drivers to be installed. Alternatively if I can run it from my Samsung phone whilst simultaneously charging that would be fine. I see you can...
  4. N

    Standarized Measurement Protocols for E1DA Cosmos ADC owners

    I've just recently acquired mentioned ADC. It's great and precise tool for its price. I come to idea it will be nice to have unified measurement protocol for owners of Cosmos, so everyone can contribute with measurements of devices which Armir due to different reasons can't measure (distance...
  5. K

    Hidizs S9 Pro bit-perfect working with Tidal Android application?

    Hello, I was looking for a portable DAC/AMP to power my Moondrop Aria and Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro (80 ohm variant). I use Tidal on android to stream lossless tracks, and they added an update in July which allows bit-perfect playback in the stock app(no UAPP needed). It works with a few DACs...
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