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  1. VintageFlanker

    SOLD [EU/France] - E1DA Cosmos ADC Grade B

    Hey Folks, It's time for me for some little upgrades. I recently received a long time awaited E1DA Cosmos ADCIso Grade 0. I put on sale my venerable Cosmos ADC Grade B, a state-of-the-art ADC that has been used for many, many measurements published here. Even in Grade B, it can already measure...
  2. P

    Using E1DA Cosmos Scaler as preamp

    Would it be okay (not breaking anything and getting SOTA sound) to feed the output of a Topping E70 DAC into this Scaler and then subsequently the output of the Scaler into an Audiophonics LPA-S400ET amp set on low gain? The scaler has a red light that turns on when the output is greater than...
  3. I

    Adjusting the microphone to the interface

    Hello, these days I am renewing my workstation. My purpose is mainly for measuring speakers, transducers and crossover design. The programs I intend to work with are ARTA & LIMP, and also REW. I'm getting into trouble with adjusting the interface to the microphone he has and I would...
  4. VintageFlanker

    VintageFlanker's Review Index

    The thread title says it all. I just wanted to compile my work (started earlier this year) in one thread as a directory. Reviews/Measurements In chronological order, from last to oldest...
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