1. H

    Windows/Mac as passthrough device for DLBC

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum, I hope I post this at the right place. I have a stereo setup with a Bluesound Node 2i --> coax --> Nad C388 --> speakers, and a active sub that is connected to the pre-out of my amp. I would like to add Dirac to my system including DLBC. There is no MiniDSP...
  2. sweetchaos

    Comparison of Dirac Live Bass Control (DLBC) and Dirac ART for all known AVRs/Processors

    Intro: Terminology: Comparing Dirac's technology (DL vs DLBC vs ART): DLBC (Single Sub License): DLBC (Multi Sub License): ART: Coming Soon (Rumors and Confirmed): Current Promo: Limitation of my thread: Changelog:
  3. geek101

    Dirac + DLBC with LR active bass section.

    I got the multichannel with Bass Control. All in all I have a 3.1 channel system with my LR speakers having active bass section. Signal chain HTPC (Dirac + Win11) -> topping dm7(usb) -> amps How do I split the L to L + LSub etc ? Like an external crossover in Dirac ?. I am starting with...
  4. geek101

    HTPC for Dirac DLBC and replace AVR

    Anyone here got this running ? I am looking for a fan less build, a multi channel DAC. Currently I am looking for 5.2 channel support at minimum. I want to get rid of my old avr but not interested in AVRs with Dirac DLBC support. I have have built GPU HTPC and used them before. Looking...
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