1. R

    JBL L82/L100-inspired bookshelves

    I recently fell in love with the walnut veneer and burnt orange quadrex foam grilled of the (new) JBL L82/L100. I also found out that you can purchase the grilles, or a fairly good clone of the foam, for a reasonable amount of money. So, I’m looking to make something in the same dimensions as...
  2. anli

    Connecting coaxial source with XLR mic input of Scarlett 4i4

    Hi! The aim is to connect coaxial source to 4i4 mic input. So I'm going to solder an adapter. Would it be correct to connect this way coaxial ground -> XLR ground and one of balanced line (say, negative) coaxial signal -> another XLR balanced line (say, positive) ? I have not seen 4i4 mic...
  3. VintageFlanker

    PHIREE U2S 2019 & Douk Audio U2 Review and Measurements (Digital USB to S/PDIF Interfaces)

    PHIREE U2S 2019 & Douk Audio U2 Review and Measurements (Digital USB to S/PDIF Interfaces) Update March 2022: Added comparison with the Douk Audio U2. Here is a quick review of the PHIREE U2S 2019 digital interface. This is basically some USB to S/PDIF converter that allows you to get USB...
  4. voodooless

    Active center speaker on a budget

    My very first serious DIY speaker project was a centre speaker about two decades ago. Back then I was already aware of the fact that a horizontal center speaker usually does not have a decent off-axis response. So my center was vertical, comprising of 2x Monacor SPH-135KEP, one of the lower...
  5. R

    How to connect powered speakers to BluRay player through coaxial

    Hello, I hope you're doing good. I am pretty new to this forum and to audio things too. I am a newbie, indeed. The thing is I want to buy the edifiers r2000db, which are the ones available on my country at the moment, but they do not have a Coaxial input. They do have RCA and Optical inputs. I...
  6. Neto Rare

    SOLD!!!FS: Lumin U1 Mini (Black) + Infrared Control PackageSOLD!!!

    Purchased from an authorized Lumin dealer less than a month ago and includes the warranty. Color: Black Both in MINT condition! Price: $1850 Includes FREE US shipping (insured), but will add PP fee. Pics here - Also posted here w/ my feedbacks...
  7. M

    bluetooth 5.0 (AptX-HD+LDAC) transport with coax+toslink ($30 on aliexpress)

    I was looking for a BT 5.0 receiver that could feed a signal over coax. This implementation of the Qualcomm CSR8675 seems to fit the bill. Note this does not include a DAC.
  8. A

    Pairing the right DAC (or another converter...?) to a Marantz PM6006 UK

    Hi ya'll, This is a cry for help... I've been wasting so many hours on reading, comparing and going absolutely all over the place picking up audio equipment... Being an engineer and a nerd sure doesn't help :( Also being a business owner and spending so much time on this instead of actually...
  9. O

    Snowy Day experiment (Up-firing, wall coupled coaxial)

    With it being an grey, snowy and windy day and me being a little frustrated/bored with my DIY sealed speakers using Seas coaxial t18 drivers I thought I would try something a bit different. I ended up giving them a go up-firing, on the ground and as near to the front wall as possible. Tried some...
  10. ernestcarl

    Presonus Sceptre S8 (optimized) & compared to Neumann KH120

    I've had these two speakers for a very long time, but I've never really gone into a detailed comparison between these two side-by-side before. This exercise is going to be divided into sections, so just skip ahead to the areas of interest to you. Also, I'm going to be focusing on the Sceptres...
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