blind testing

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    Actual Double Blind Studies

    I just read yet another person trying to defend a position related to audio by referencing "double blind studies" generally. The idea always sounds great as a listening test. Truly see if people are able to notice differences between things. If we use a fairly controlled method, this information...
  2. M

    Blind Listening Test 2: Neumann KH 80 vs JBL 305p MkII vs Edifier R1280T vs RCF Arya Pro5

    Shortly after completing the first blind listening test, @Inverse_Laplace and I started thinking about all the ways we’d like to improve the rigor and explore other questions. Written summary follows, but here is a video if you prefer that medium: Speakers (calculated preference score in...
  3. M

    Four Speaker Blind Listening Test Results (Kef, JBL, Revel, OSD)

    After finishing @Floyd Toole 's The Acoustics and Psychoacoustics of Loudspeakers and Rooms, I became interested in conducting a blind listening test. With the help of a similarly minded friend, we put together a test and ran 12 people through it. I’ll describe our procedures and the results...
  4. jaakkopasanen - Listening Tests in the Browser

    I present to you, a browser based app for double blind AB and ABX listening tests. This is effectively Listening Tests as a Service, meaning you'll be able to create your own listening tests easily and share it with other people. The primary target user would be an audio scientist...
  5. amirm

    Our perception of audio

    Frantz post this on WBF forum and I thought it also belongs here. It is the most fundamental concept in audio evaluation and we need to get on the same page on it. The text is my response to his post. --- While this is responsible for some of the faulty observations, just as big of a factor...
  6. amirm

    Statistics of ABX Testing

    Statistics of ABX Testing By Amir Majidimehr ABX is by far the most talked about type of listening test on the Internet to demonstrate audible difference between two devices, or two audio files. As the name implies, the test involves two inputs, "A" and "B" and the listener is asked to vote...
  7. amirm

    Dr. Sean Olive Interview on Harman Blind Speaker Testing system

    Few things have changed my views on audio as sitting in this room and voting for speakers "blind." Here is what the setup looks like and nice history of it from Dr. Sean Olive. Only 11 minutes and "must watch:"
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