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    Subwoofer Comparison

    I think this article is a good practical explanation of how to setup subs the Geddes way with some of the theory as well.
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    Sub only draws 5 watts?

    You're probably just not listening very loudly, so you aren't using much power.
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    Dirac Unison

    Update for 2021: still nope.
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    Dirac Live Bass Management?

    Anyone hear anything about Dirac Bass Control coming to anything else? Let alone NAD products, minidsp, etc. Seems like its been radio silence on this despite it being a pretty big new feature.
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    Get your popcorn ready.

    Well, it measures poorly anyway
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    CEA-2010 Subwoofer Testing Master Thread

    I posted this earlier in this thread, but Brent Butterworth has tested both the Daytons to CEA-2010 standards here
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    CEA-2010 Subwoofer Testing Master Thread

    Brent Butterworth has the rythmik measured in his database here
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    Best subwoofer under $1000

    Yeah, the Rythmiks are definitely interesting. I found measurements of the F12 here (, which would be in the same price bracket as the ULS-15. Looks like between 20-31.5hz the Rythmik can do 109db...
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    Best subwoofer under $1000

    I figured I'd ask you guys since there are so many knowledgable people here. I'm in the market for a pair of subwoofers - my budget is $1000 max for each, but ideally I'd spend around $750 each. I'm leaning towards sealed subs for their compactness and smoother low end roll off. I don't play...
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    Buchardt A500 Measurements and Spinorama

    Don't forget the Kii Three Looks good down to around 100hz
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    What budget speakers you like to see reviewed?

    Would love to see the Infinity P362 measured. The spins from Harman look good and it can be had used for only a couple hundred dollars. Great value for a 3-way floor stander.
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    Which DIY speakers would you like to see reviewed?

    Oh wow, it was coronavirus He did, but you can buy the kit BMR from Meniscus and build them yourself, and I think Salk will make them for people as well.
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    Revel M22 Speaker Review

    Mind sharing? The only Revel white paper I’ve been able to find is the Concerta2 one, and it’s interesting to see.
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    Help with Infinity P362/Minidsp setup

    I bought them locally so I wouldn't have to ship them (just an hour drive). I do like them though, so I might just see if I can get a partial refund to cover repair costs and send the tweeters to
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    Help with Infinity P362/Minidsp setup

    Since I bought them on eBay I shouldn't have a problem returning them, so yeah. Guess I'll have to do that then. What a bummer. Thanks for all the help though, I really appreciate it.
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