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    Genelec 8361A Review (Powered Monitor)

    I think that may be a function of the country in which you bought them.
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    Fix Neumann KH 120 a or get new pair of KH 150 a (when i already own a KH 805)

    Doesn't sound like a tweeter problem. More an electronics problem. Probably the amp.
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    Samsung TV with Genelec speakers

    Yes it does have an optical out.
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    Samsung TV with Genelec speakers

    I have a 2021 65” Samsung TV and I wanted to connect a pair of Genelec speakers for audio. I am thinking either 8020D or 8030C. The Samsung doesn’t seem to have analog outs to do this. Is there another way? Thanks.
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    KEF R3 OR BOWER & WILKINS S706 s2 ???

    But I have seen B&W measurements. And they are awful. Have owned B&Ws in the past and that rising high end is head ache inducing. Most I believe prefer a more neutral sound.
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    Genelec 8020B repair

    When's that next part coming?
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    ASR hasn't reviewed Genelec 8020D correct?

    8020C analogue amp, 8020D digital amp. The C's voltage was region specific, the D is not. Hence one version worldwide.
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    SOLD***Monoprice HTP-1 Processor "A" Stock with UMIK 1 Microphone***SOLD

    Original owner selling "A" Stock Monoprice HTP-1 processor. This unit was purchased on January 11, 2021. Original box and all accessories including a Minidsp UMIK-1 Microphone for Dirac Live calibration. It is in absolutely perfect condition. It is currently running firmware 1.8.9. This unit has...
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    deciding between audio phisic classic20, martin logan xt60 or kef r7?

    Since he doesn’t have KEFs that may be a bit difficult.
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    Genelec GLM software and the 7350A Subwoofer

    A single bigger sub will go lower and louder. That’s the way I’d go.
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    Genelec GLM software and the 7350A Subwoofer

    Bass response is typically influenced by the room and sub placement. If you are getting nulls, GLM will not be able to help much. It will smooth out the peaks. If you have found two subs to fix your room, then I think you're going to need two 7350s.
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