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    Devialet Expert 200 Amplifier, DAC and Streamer Review

    "No highs, all lows - Devialet, the French Bose"
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    SMSL M500 DAC and HP Amp Review

    In theory ASIO is bit perfect, but my 44 year old ears can't hear any difference between ASIO, WASAPI and DirectSound. YMMV.
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    S.M.S.L. SU-8s

    I hate myself a little for this but, even though I'm really happy with my SU8v2, I really, really want this one with the knob and the bigger screen...
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    How can a minijack to RCA cable introduce enormous echo in a system?

    That is EXACTLY how it sounds! I tried with Keith Don't Go and mostly I could hear the guitar, the voice was almost absent and what I could hear repeats several times, sounding like in a hollow chamber.
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    How can a minijack to RCA cable introduce enormous echo in a system?

    Can't say I care whether you believe it or not, since I know it's true that's mostly your problem. I have the cable in my posession, actually I went back to the loft and picked it up from the garbage. It's "Syncwire" branded. Maybe I'll be bothered one day to connect it at home and record it to...
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    How can a minijack to RCA cable introduce enormous echo in a system?

    So I was just asked by a colleague in the office to have a look at the system that we have in a loft that we use for business meetings and rent out via AirBnB when we don't need it. It is a full 5.1 Parasound System, I believe they spent around 20K€ or so on everything 4-5 years ago. So, there...
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    SMSL SU-8 Version 2 Balanced DAC

    I've had mine with all power off (from the plug) for over two weeks over the X-Mas holidays and settings had not changed when I came back. I don't think it automatically powers on either, you need to at least press the button on the remote.
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    SMSL SP200: Do We Get Golden Samples For Review?

    Zero issues with volume pot or hiss on mine too with HD660s. With Moondrop Kanas Pro I just reduce the volume on the SU8v2 DAC to 30 (out of 38), and keep using the SP200 volume pot as needed without any issues. Yes the pot does feel light and cheap, but it doesn't move and is not noisy at all...
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    Review and Measurements of NAD C 320BEE PWR Amplifier

    I think I'm gonna get one of these for my kitchen system (amp + ifi zen blue + q acoustics 2020s that were retired from my HT setup, where they were used as back channel speakers). Just waiting for a good deal on eBay.
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    SMSL SU-8 Version 2 Balanced DAC

    First of all, an exaggeration on a subject one is passionate about is not assuming negative intent - it is just natural. Also, it was a rhetorical question, there is no need to fixate on that, I was wondering to myself since I am super sensitive to extraneous sounds and I've been using this DAC...
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    SMSL SU-8 Version 2 Balanced DAC

    Yes, all of my files are FLAC, a huge amount of them is 16/44 and there are some HD tracks and very few DSD. I mostly listen to music with my whole collection on radom. Never heard a single thing when switching tracks. I tested for a while last night and nothing. Didn't try with DSD, but I...
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    SMSL SU-8 Version 2 Balanced DAC

    Is this a Qobuz thing? Cause I use mine with Tidal, Spotify and my own collection via Foobar and I get no clicks or buzzes whatsoever? Huh...
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    Review and Measurements of E1DA 9038S BAL Portable DAC & Amp

    @IVX Great work with this item, I really think you're doing an excellent job. And now, to hijack the thread, when can we expect HiFiTOY? I know lots of us are really looking forward to it! Thanks!
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    Review and Measurements of SMSL SP200 THX HP Amp

    But I didn't get any hiss on either headphone....
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