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    New DAC comparison chart (we'd love your feedback)

    Glad to see someone implemented this in production, with Amir's blessing. You can set the color fields to be a quantized set of N (dis)similar colors, which would differ from Amir of course. Or a continuous band. Or remove color entirely, since the value it represents is on the chart already...
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    Denafrips ARES II USB R2R DAC Review

    I confess to being thick-skulled and not understanding this statement. What's the difference between DAC output and music?
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    Review and Measurements of NAD M17 V2 Pre/Pro

    Each of these receiver/processor reviews makes me feel slightly better about my 8802A. Slightly.
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    Low-cost 4K streaming/switching solution w/2 ch audio?

    Hi all, I am currently using a Marantz AV8802A as a processor in a 2 ch setup. It's not the right tool for the job: it's made to do 13.2 surround, in multiple zones, with inputs from a dozen devices. Is there a better, cheaper solution? I could sell the Marantz for ~$1500. Requirements: Input...
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    What's the best passive (and preferably floorstanding) speaker one can find for $2,500 or less?

    I digitized the measurement graphs publicly available from Stereophile and Ascend Acoustics. I did not take any measurements myself.
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    Review and Measurements of Empirical Audio Synchro-Mesh

    Hi Steve, all, Are you aware of any studies that look at this? I did one quick google and found this: but I'm well outside my area of expertise here. I'm not sure what an experiment to test your hypothesis...
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    What's the best passive (and preferably floorstanding) speaker one can find for $2,500 or less?

    Quick update. I set these up on top of my existing speakers and played a couple of tracks over Spotify via the Marantz. EQ and room correction from the Marantz is off. I have tried Audyssey, which is questionable anyway, and it made the Studio 100s worse for TV/movies (5.1), if anything. I...
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    Schiit Saga Grounding and Hum Issues?

    If there's a safety issue, you recall them all, test them all, and fix the ones that need to be fixed. e.g., And the classic...
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    What's the best passive (and preferably floorstanding) speaker one can find for $2,500 or less?

    Marantz AV8802A (dangit), Anthem MCA-50, Paradigm Studio 100 v2's. I expect a, um, audible difference. (The SO's rule is that I can buy whatever speakers I want, but they can't look like dementors from Harry Potter.)
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    Request for amp + dac combinations for HD800S

    I am using an SMSL SU-8 DAC and THX 789 AAA amp. It's a great combo. The Topping DACs get a lot of love on this forum, but the reliability issues put me off. I haven't personally tried any of them. I also bought an Atom. It sounded the same (to my ears) as the THX 789; I couldn't tell a...
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    Wirecutter reviews USB audio interfaces

    One of my friends writes for that site; you're correct that the reviews are not as detailed as ASR. Very few reviews are! They're more like a modernized Consumer Reports than anything, and they focus on smaller items that CR does not. In the U.S., CR is famous for reviewing things like cars and...
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    Volume control

    I have a similar question. My desktop listening chain consists of: Some player with a volume control An OS with a volume control (Ubuntu Linux with Spotify or Audacious) A DAC with a volume control (SMSL SU-8) Speakers with a built-in amp and volume control As I understand it, it's best to set...
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    DAC selection for home system....

    I think there might be a typo here; I think you're using the 8805 that @amirm measured? Were you able to find specs (e.g., THD) for the Emotiva? I checked their site and may have missed it. It has the same DACs (AKM 4490) as the Marantz AV8802A, just more of them (I think). As has been covered...
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    Review and Measurements of Marantz AV8805 AV Processor

    Ah, got it. I had wondered if there was a bypass mode (some might call it "Pure Direct"); I couldn't find anything in the Marantz documentation.
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