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    PS Audio Noise Harvester Video Review

    HAHAHAHA, made me smile before I even watched it! LOVE IT
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    ASR and AMIR saved my desktop set up :)

    Hello ASR friends, a while back I spent some money on this set up for my computer desk that is now relegated to a small bedroom during remodeling. here's my set up. 1. Paradigm monitor SE 2. Topping PA3 amp 3. Jammo slim subwoffer 4. MiniDSP ddrc24 with Dirac 5. white foam acoustic panels not...
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    Electromagnetic Interference in Speaker Cables? (video)

    I love the video's about audio reviews! Now lets get some audio about video reviews?
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    Arylic A50 Review (wireless amplifier)

    Hi Amir! I am waiting on your review of the topping PA3 to see how good or bad it is. then I will go through the reviews of all the low cost chip amps you did and make an informed choice. thanks man!
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    Elac Uni-Fi 2.0 Review (bookshelf speaker)

    I had these speakers and they didn't sound balanced at all. They smelled horrible of chemicals and had to go back. Even with there return policy they put up a fight for the return. Too bad!
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    Sennheiser HD800S Review (Headphone)

    Not sure. It seems there are many people that have issues as there are "many" settings to try on their FAQ when things work. Luckily its free to try so.
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    Sennheiser HD800S Review (Headphone)

    I have an MSI/AMD ryzen7 desktop set up with windows 10 and I spent a year trying to get APO to work right, it never did. It would work for a few days then stop, I finally got a mini dsp ddrc 24 so I didn't ened to deal with APO/
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    Sennheiser HD800S Review (Headphone)

    Great review Amir! I think you'll get a lot of interaction with the investment you made in headphone testing and members/community will get immense value from this. I am not a headphone geek,most I have owned was 5 pairs at once, but I know there are headphone lovers that will go crazy over this...
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    ASR Getting Into Measuring Headphones!

    Looks like the ones they use for ASMR, haha.
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    Kali LP-6 Review: Studio Monitor

    I thought there were snakes in them. Of all the budget monitors I found tha Yamys to have the least hiss.
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    Kali LP-6 Review: Studio Monitor

    The Kali LP-6 looks like a really good budget speaker for studio work. At this price it's hard to have gripes if the performance is good enough for the job. Let's be honest, Warren is AMAZING and has tallent and skills like crazy, but for most studios, working studios, you will probably not see...
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    Peavey USB-P Review (Balanced DAC)

    Can we get food reviews too? Thats what I really want to know.
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    Peavey USB-P Review (Balanced DAC)

    Well, the more power a transformer has to handle cleanly the more expensive it gets. Just a guess, but (Peavey) operating the transformer at a lower level and allowing the gain on whatever it is going into to make up the differece to "line level" or nominal level for that device makes some...
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    Peavey USB-P Review (Balanced DAC)

    Thanks for this Review Amir, I always wondered how these stacked up against the cheaper usb intefaces. The main use for the Peavey USB P is for backround music in a pro audio set up. It's the type of device a sound company has 10 of and they go to each event. In the pro-sound field simplicity...
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    Paradigm Monitor SE Atom Speaker Review

    Is there a mic system that can measure to 60khz? I guess there must be...I wonder how accurate it is? I also wonder what ultrasonice excitation would take place from regular music, guess I'll never know!
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