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    Advice on AirPlay 1 streamer

    You sure? Mine claims 24/48 when using Airplay 2, assuming the music file has the adequate resolution
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    Advice on AirPlay 1 streamer

    Raspberry Pi Zero W + Apple Dongle. Install Moode on Pi, then enjoy
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    Meze Liric Review (Closed Back Headphone)

    Harman is backed by research into what *most** people like. If a company cuts corners in the tuning, what else are they cutting corners in? Don’t get me wrong, house sound can absolutely be preferred by some people, but the harman target is objectively better for the majority of the population.
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    Choosing a closed back headphone (+poll)

    DCAs are very easy listening. I think that they generally have good dynamics, they just don’t have any part of the FR that is overblown
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    Wired noise cancelling

    Well actually The H9i is bad But the H9 is worse...
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    Wired noise cancelling

    Beoplay’s FR looks super wonky though…
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    Meze Liric Review (Closed Back Headphone)

    Also Stealth, Aeon RT, AKGK371, Emu Teak
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    Dan Clark aeon noire?

    I have the Aeon RT Closed, it has fantastic bass extension, generally a very easy listen but still has a lot of detail, and of course, basically no distortion. I gather that all of DCA’a range is like this
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    help for choice dac or headphone

    Ah yes, the Hifiman Sundara and He 400i, both of which are truely overblown bass cannons :facepalm:. If OP wants bass, there’s a thing called EQ, rather than telling them to go buy junk from a gas station.
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    help for choice dac or headphone

    If you’re using Apple hardware, the DACs and amps are generally quite good. With more demanding headphones such as the Sundara and He400i you’ll be thankful to have that S8 for the extra power
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    1-2k option to stream, decode and properly drive Meze Empyrean

    The Emperyean already sounds under resolving, so a tube amp that smears the detail out is a really bad idea* The Matrix I3 is a good choice, very futuristic device with that screen! *this is how I subjectively experience tube sound, ymmv
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    The Matrix Resurrections what a horrible movie...

    Not sure what you being transphobic has to do with the quality of a movie. It seems as if your problem is not in fact the movie itself, rather than society has progressed forward since the 80’s
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    Most Beautiful Headphone designs

    Never thought I’d see an ortho with mid century modern design!
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    Schiit IEMagni Review (Headphone Amplifier)

    I don’t understand it. Is there any reason to pick the Heresy over the Iemagni? I feel like it would’ve been more successfully marketed as a Magni 4 or 3++
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    DAC vs EQ

    MiniDSP is a much better EQ. Zen Blue digital out > MiniDSP > MiniDSP analog out > A10 MiniDSP far more powerful than the Loki, you can do accurate room correction with it
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